Whoa, DIPA/Imperial IPA is selling this thing short. The taste matches the scent. Heavy hitting pine and hops. Extremely bitter initial sip that stick with you throughout the sip. The more you sip the beer the more you think your chewing on a plant or pine needles. Here’s the crazy thing, I think I like it.
In a world where Japan never opened to foreign trade thanks to their ancient giant robot (and has thus remained isolated from the rest of the world), a young man laments his virginity.
Maybe I’ll never know why it ended. Maybe you got bored. Maybe you got scared. Maybe the switch simply got flipped to the off position. Maybe it was something I did. Something I said. Maybe it wasn’t me at all. Maybe you met someone else. Maybe it was all just you.
Either way, Westbrook is going to fuck up a lot.
My father and I talk about the Celtics blowing the 2010 title waaaaaaaay more than we talk about the Celtics winning in 2008. How does that make sense?
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The Wombats - Moving to New York

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The Price of Admission. (by Kemamam222)

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