That is exactly what Chicago would do in order to sign Carmelo Anthony in straight free agency, and if you’re chasing Anthony, you might as well at least call LeBron.
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Chevelle || Vitamin R (Leading Us Along) || This Kind of Thinking (2004)

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  • Me: I think that you only exist in human form inside of NBA arenas. You are a human (or at least you’re what you think humans to be) there, but outside of arenas you exist as this sort of just warm mist
  • Me: and so that’s why you are the way you are
  • Me: because you don’t really know how humans are supposed to behave
  • Me: I mean, how could you
  • Me: you’re mist
  • Me: you’re sentient mist
  • Me: you’re sentient mist that really loves dribble handoffs
  • Me: maybe you’re from space?
  • Me: how could I know?
  • Me: how could anyone know?
  • Me: YOU’RE OJO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A Bunch Of Dunks

Music : “The Enemy (Bink Remix)” by DITC

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Mercer, Sandoval and Crandall made the move, while Langford decided to leave the band, staying in Albuquerque so he could continue with another of his passions, professional hot air ballooning

Dolly Mixture - How Come You’re Such A Hit With The Boys, Jane (by Covox)

Later on, I met a friend for a beer at the Memorial Union Terrace. While waiting in line for a bratwurst, I could have grabbed my phone again and gotten some work done. But phoneless, I counted the number of kids working behind the counter. They outnumbered customers by almost two-to-one, leading me to wonder why it took me five minutes to get my brat.
I never even look at height and weight,” Cole said after Game 3. “I don’t even care.
I even bought a plane ticket back to India, where I’d spent five months. But I couldn’t leave. I knew that running away from the daily grind of a productive life, looking always for the next adventure high, would bring me nowhere. I’d met the guys who’d been on the road too long. They were hulls of men, chasing a fix they could no longer feel, and they almost all cracked their first beers before 11.