I don’t know of any juice bars. But I don’t know what straight people do, I only know what gay people do.
Why do I need to get strong?
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Break Up Blogging

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Men’s Wearhouse (by Pete Holmes)

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Coming Of Age - Foster The People

Album: Supermodel :3 *-*

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FUTURE ISLANDS - Tin Man - Paris - 1080p (by Michael Roy)

Maybe we should back it together
But I don’t know if it’d be much better, oh

But both men, while much chiller, are still pretty awful guys.
The Lakers have no significant assets under contract other than an aged Kobe Bryant, who has spent the second half of this season alternately rehabbing his broken leg, vowing revenge, promoting a shoe line, un-following his teammates from Twitter, and boasting about “how his collection of [Darth Vader piano] masterpieces has reached a crescendo of domination.”
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Overdone | Bombay Bicycle Club

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