I can’t believe what you’re telling me is true,
my mind is always wasted listening to you.

Ativan my pain away

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it was easy to imagine all those viewers who don’t like shows about characters not getting what they want tuning out with a hearty “Nope!” after the pilot’s final reveal.
I don’t know of any juice bars. But I don’t know what straight people do, I only know what gay people do.
Why do I need to get strong?
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Break Up Blogging

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Men’s Wearhouse (by Pete Holmes)

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Coming Of Age - Foster The People

Album: Supermodel :3 *-*

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FUTURE ISLANDS - Tin Man - Paris - 1080p (by Michael Roy)

Maybe we should back it together
But I don’t know if it’d be much better, oh

But both men, while much chiller, are still pretty awful guys.