And coming out of a timeout, they surrendered a fucking layup to Al Jefferson off a pick-and-roll, because of course they did. That’s what makes them the Wizards.
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My rdp connection seemed to gradually slow on Mavericks using version 2. This helped.

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Swearin’ - Kenosha

I’d buy you a drink if I thought you were worth it or had a redeeming quality

I resented the team I used to love. Everything about the way the Badgers won — the kowtowing to bland seniority in the face of bold young talent, the unrelenting defense, and, of course, the long possessions filled with pointless passing that stalled the game — drove me crazy. Ryan’s teams represented everything I believed to be fundamentally evil about old-school basketball. I didn’t necessarily want to see the Badgers lose. I just didn’t want their style of play to be rewarded with wins.

Surviving Bo Ryan’s War on Wisconsin Basketball, and Loving the Badgers Just the Same «

This Wisconsin team elicits conflicting loyalty issues. #realrival


CHVRCHES - Tether (Junior Sanchez Remix)

The Mother We Share EP out now (US):

The Bones Of What You Believe out now. Standard: | Special:

Lies EP out now (UK):

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Our storylines are not crafted to be steady and unwavering — and we shouldn’t want them to be. People come and go as they need to. You aren’t left when there’s something wrong with you, you’re left when there’s something better that should come to you. You’re left when there’s something to be learned from the leaving. It only becomes an issue when we try to fit people into roles they’re not meant for, and try to lessen our lives in favor of the monotony of comfort and routine. People’s opinions of you have no bearing on you inherently, only as much as you allow them to. And the only weight their leaving bears is simply as much as you give it.

I can’t believe what you’re telling me is true,
my mind is always wasted listening to you.

Ativan my pain away

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it was easy to imagine all those viewers who don’t like shows about characters not getting what they want tuning out with a hearty “Nope!” after the pilot’s final reveal.