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Single taken from the album ‘Oasis’, out May 26th


And coming out of a timeout, they surrendered a fucking layup to Al Jefferson off a pick-and-roll, because of course they did. That’s what makes them the Wizards.
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Mac App Store - Microsoft Remote Desktop

My rdp connection seemed to gradually slow on Mavericks using version 2. This helped.

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Swearin’ - Kenosha

I’d buy you a drink if I thought you were worth it or had a redeeming quality

I resented the team I used to love. Everything about the way the Badgers won — the kowtowing to bland seniority in the face of bold young talent, the unrelenting defense, and, of course, the long possessions filled with pointless passing that stalled the game — drove me crazy. Ryan’s teams represented everything I believed to be fundamentally evil about old-school basketball. I didn’t necessarily want to see the Badgers lose. I just didn’t want their style of play to be rewarded with wins.

Surviving Bo Ryan’s War on Wisconsin Basketball, and Loving the Badgers Just the Same «

This Wisconsin team elicits conflicting loyalty issues. #realrival


CHVRCHES - Tether (Junior Sanchez Remix)

The Mother We Share EP out now (US): http://po.st/TWMSiT

The Bones Of What You Believe out now. Standard: http://po.st/TBOWYB | Special: http://po.st/TBOWYBSpecial

Lies EP out now (UK): http://po.st/LiesInt


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