Bring your chin down to protect your neck while continuing to stare into his eyes. Bring up your hands and say “I don’t want no trouble”. Flex your traps and core while slightly bending your knees. Here comes the important part. In a low voice begin to say “wolowolowolowolowolo” slowly increasing in volume, he should be surprised by now. Begin to sway side to side and loosen all facial muscles and your anal sphincter and your kegal muscle. By now you should be pretty loud and your opponent will have stepped back and will appear visibly shaken. Begin to piss and shit yourself and let your eyes roll into the back of your head. By now you are chanting “WOLOWOLOWOLOWOLO” at the top of your lungs. He will run away. Everyone within a one mile radius will feel a terrifying presence within their soul. Marvel as you ascend into your planar form.
Now that McCartney has admitted that his 1966 song “Got to Get You Into My Life” was written not to a woman, but to marijuana, it makes you wonder whether Dylan and the other Beatles wrote similarly about pot.
SimpleScrobbler is a scrobbler without all the bells and whistles. A Mac App that lives in your status bar and leaves a smaller footprint on your computer.
She showed up the next day coated in the scent of marijuana, possibly tripping balls, declared it postpartum depression and cooked up the placenta that had been chilling in our vegetable crisper.

pretty chill song


In this mind-bending sci-fi thriller, 8 friends at a dinner party start experiencing strange and mysterious events on the night a comet is passing close to Earth. Soon it becomes clear that nothing and no one are what they appear.
The film was released through iTunes on June 24, 2014 and on DVD and Blu-ray Disc on July 15, 2014.[citation needed]
There’s one thing about the culture of young people now that I see: They want to be well-liked and will set a good example to be someone somebody want to emulate, but they really don’t like to ever call anybody out or get in any kind of confrontational situation if a guy’s not doing what he’s supposed to do or a guy’s not buying in the right way,” Saban said. “Sometimes, you have to care enough about the other people to take the time to affect them and serve them so it helps them, so you’re doing something from a leadership standpoint that is helping the other guy.
Drink a quart of whiskey before the ceremony, refuse to put on a shirt during the ceremony and then sit in your car and blast techno the whole time because you were asked to leave. Someone did this at a wedding I was at on Saturday