I’m not sure any Red Wings fan ever read that book, but I’d bet a whole lot of them owned it.

Rockin Sixties Garage HULLABALLOOS “Beware” rockabilly jiver (by kingfrat78)

Maybe that was a different kind of projection—a lot of commenters watched people watch OutKast on YouTube. This service is an admirable show of trust from Coachella, but doesn’t convey why people spend hundreds of dollars and endure hordes to go in the first place: You know, to be surrounded by people my own age for whom OutKast were the Beatles or Rolling Stones. But on YouTube, you get a reminder that festivalgoers are by and large kids who have spent all day in the 95-degree sun getting fucked up.
At Anderson’s worst, the films are as narcissistic as The Darjeeling Limited, which was literally about rich white twerps making India’s working class deal with their baggage.
When I was a child, I thought the pinnacle of adulthood was being a Blockbuster member.
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It’s Alright Now by Bombay Bicycle Club

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Foreshadowing the plot of Taken 3, in which Liam Neeson’s great-niece is kidnapped and held for ransom by an out-of-work Lil’ Fame/Billy Danze while backpacking through Bed-Stuy. Neeson tracks the gang to an abandoned warehouse before getting a vicious Brownsville beat-down and being left for dead by the side of the Kings Highway. In a surprise ending, his niece falls in love with one of her captors (Freddie the Foxxx), and they marry in a tasteful ceremony.
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Single taken from the album ‘Oasis’, out May 26th